Are you COVID ready?

If the last couple of weeks have shown us anything it is that we cannot become complacent about the COVID19 pandemic.  Whilst life seems pretty much normal here in NZ the pandemic is still raging out of control elsewhere in the world and we are still receiving hundreds of arrivals into the country each week. 

Whilst businesses have already had to respond to national, and more localized lockdowns, and for some COVID positive employees and possible virus exposure scenarios, it is well worth revisiting your plans to ensure that your business is COVID ready and can react effectively should an employee become exposed to COVID 19, or further restrictions be necessary.  Going for long periods without any community transmission it is natural that we all relax and feel “safe”.  First time round the lockdown was new and different, people were generally very engaged in the process and aware of any symptoms that could be cause for concern.  Just like anything that happens more than once, subsequent lockdowns inevitably will (or have done in the case of Auckland) include a greater level of complacency, weariness and less energy around the requirements and demands put on us all.  Due to this it is more important for businesses to have clear plans that, critically, prioritise employment engagement, involvement and communication to keep employees safe and your business moving.

Even without a lockdown situation having a clear plan should an employee become exposed to COVID 19 is vital.  What could the effect be on other employees?  Will the whole business need to close for a period?  Will a deep clean be required?  Do you have clear policy and procedures for COVID exposure events? How will you mobilise other staff to continue to work remotely?  How will you communicate to your customers/stakeholders?

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