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Red onions & your people (oh, and a free gardening tip, you’re welcome!)

As an enthusiastic amateur gardener, I do love growing my own veggies – with varying success it has to be said!  Over the long Easter weekend, I decided to plant a few winter veg, one of which was red onion.  In my true enthusiastic amateur style, I got the seedlings, teased out each bunch of…

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Why employee engagement is the secret sauce!

I talk a lot about employee engagement, and I wanted to explain why I am so passionate about it and why it’s not just a buzz word to be flung around but really is the secret sauce to igniting your people and profit! Employee engagement is not just about funky office furniture and a foosball…

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Are you COVID ready?

If the last couple of weeks have shown us anything it is that we cannot become complacent about the COVID19 pandemic.  Whilst life seems pretty much normal here in NZ the pandemic is still raging out of control elsewhere in the world and we are still receiving hundreds of arrivals into the country each week. …

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Dealing with HR can be like treating a headache

Treating a headache with pain medication will definitely help in the short term but what happens when the headaches keeps returning?  How often do we take a paracetamol and carry on? It’s easy to get stuck in the “headache” cycle by firefighting an issue only to have it rear its ugly head time and time…

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