HR Projects

I offer expertise in a range of key HR project areas such as:

Culture & Engagement – positive and engaged employees = higher performance and better business outcomes.  I have a passion for helping businesses define their culture, engaging employees as part of the process.  I can work with you to develop meaningful company values and develop engagement surveys that generate purposeful action plans based on what is important to your people.

Performance Management Systems – ensuring employees have objectives and a support framework around this clearly defining and reviewing your performance expectations is vital to drive improved business outcomes.  Often felt that this is something “just for bigger businesses” a performance framework does need to be complicated and if implemented effectively will support and drive both individual and business outcomes. I can provide you with a framework that works for your business providing coaching on SMART goal setting and positive, effective engagement throughout the performance lifecycle.

Change Management – guiding and supporting you through restructures, redundancy and other organisational change achieving required business outcomes in a respectful and fair way.

Workforce Planning - ensuring that you have the right people, in the right place, doing the right job to maximise your business performance is key.  I will help you put the jigsaw together in a way that maximises your outcomes.

Organisational Design – ensuring that you have the right organisational structure to support your operation is key.  I will work with you to review your current situation and support the implementation of any changes required.

This is not an exhaustive list so jump on a free discovery call with me to discuss your needs.

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